Lindsey Little and Kandace Campbell

David TONEY, Appellant,
Supreme Court of Alaska.
September 30, 1994

David Toney had a sexual relationship with a minor. The minor became pregnant with his child. Toney resigned from his position at that school and applied for a teaching job in a different district. David Toney did not announce in his interview with the new school that he had a child with minor. Ten years after working for the district, the mother of his child contact the school board and informed them about her and Toney’s former relationship. David Toney was fired. He sued the district for firing him. The court used the precedent for the case from Loeb v. Rasmussen. Stating that having a sexual relationship with a minor is adequate grounds for termination.

The court sided with the school district because David Toney had been sexually involved with a minor, primary a girl who was a student of his. In addition, David did not inform the school of his relationship

Implication to teaching:
Cases like this tend to show the bad side of educators. Not only did this teacher have an inappropriate relationship with a minor, he didn't tell the new school district. He is lucky he is not in jail for his misconduct. This teacher had every right to be fired, because he shouldn't be able to ever work at another school. Obviously, David Toney does not live by the neccessary standards to be a teacher.
Question: Why did the court side with the school district?