Megan Debo
Chynna Seymour

Timothy v. Cedar Rapids Community School District

Submitted April 19, 1999.

Filed May 21, 1999.


Kratisha is a disabled student attending a high school where she needs special transportation services. Her parents felt that the school should pay the money needed to provide these transportation services. However, the school district turned down the parents’ request stating that it would create a problem to the district financially. Karatisha’s parents felt this denied her rights of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. The decision went back and forth from favoring the school district then the plaintiffs.


It was found that the parents were unable to provide proof that their daughter was denied by the school district regarding her disabilities. Also, the school program did not discriminate against the child, and the parents are only refusing to comply with the district’s rule that parents provide transportation to schools outside of assigned areas. The court stated that the district did provide evidence that the special transportation services would cause an undue and substantial burden on the district as per the Section 504. With this, the precedency was set that the school has to abide by the Rehabilitation Act, unless it causes an issue for the district financially.


This case is one that shows us that as educators we need to know the disabilities of our students and their needs of accommodation. If we decide we must reject a certain accommodation, we must have proof of a financial burden. We are not to discriminate against any type of disability. We also need to be fluent in laws like these so we can avoid possible lawsuit or termination.


Schools are required to meet all needs of disabled students regardless of a financial burden on the district.

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