Betsy Crumbliss
Megan Debo
Case 8
North Haven Board of Education v. Bell

U.S Supreme Court

Argued: December 9, 1981 Decided: May 17, 1982


This court case brought up the issue of making sure that no person should be discriminated against, excluded from, denied benefits from any educational program that is federally funded because of their sex involving Section 901(a) of Title IX. There have been cases where teachers were terminated without rehire after being out on maternity leave, disagreements in salaries between different sexes that had the same position, and lack of promotions for those qualify of a position. Victims of this claim it is because of their sex. This pertains to school activities involving students as well, but is the educators are also affected. Elaine Dove was a teacher with tenure and was an employee of the North Haven public school system. Dove took a one-year maternity leave. When she returned, the school system refused to rehire her because of the leave. She filed a complaint with The Department of Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW) arguing that it violated her rights under Title IX.

Decision and Rationale:

North Haven refused to discuss matters with HEW because they believed that HEW did not have the authority to do so and North Haven contacted the US District Court to handle the case. Eventually the court decided that Title IX does protect employees and students through all provisions. Also it was found that termination of petitioners federal funds for this sort of discrimination are subject to the certain limitations of the programs.

Implication: As future educators, we need to be aware of all our rights upon being hired for a specific school. We need to know the laws and the rules of the school we are interested in. Many things can happen to a teacher throughout the school year where he or she may need to take a certain amount of leave. In order to make sure we get the rights we are appointed, we need to be aware of the specifics of the educational laws regarding discrimination and what is approved and not approved with employees at the school.

Question: T/F

Section 901(a) of Title IX protects the rights that no person should be benefits from any educational program that is federally funded because of their sex.