Betsy Crumbliss
Ashley Collins
Mosley v. Portland School District
Background & Decision:
A student at a Portland High School brought action against the district after she got in a fight during lunch period with another student and was cut by a knife. She states that the defendant is liable because they failed to properly supervise students as well as failed to provide proper security and protection. She also stated that the defendant did not prevent weapons from being carried into the school and did not stop the attack before a knife was used. The court ruled in favor of the defendant and that there was no proof the school had been negligible except that they had failed to provide proper security and protect the students.
Impact on Teaching:
As teachers, we need to take steps to eliminate the risk of getting cut in a fight by searching book bags when students come on to campus. Another step that could be taken is hiring more staff so that students are constantly supervised.
Applicable Quiz Question:
Should teachers or school districts be held accountable when students get hurt in a fight? Explain.