GEBSER et al.
United States Supreme Court.
Argued March 25, 1998. Decided June 22, 1998.

A minor, Gebser, stated that she and her teacher, Frank Waldrop, had a sexual relationship. She and Waldrop were caught during a sexual intercourse. Gebser claimed that she was not the only one being sexually abused by Waldrop. Gebster and her parents sued the school system for the damages under Title IX. The precedence for this situation was established in Franklin v. Gwinnett County Public Schools, (1992). In this case, a student was being sexually abused by a teacher. The school administration was notified but, did nothing about it. The court ruled that the school was responsible for the teacher’s actions.

The court decided that if the school system was unaware of the situation going on than the school system would not be held responsible to the actions of the teacher. Justice Stevens' stated the school district's policy on such behavior and “its internal remedies were adequately publicized.” In addition, since Gebster did not notify the school officials about Waldrop sexually harassing her than the situation does not qualify under Title IX as discrimination.

Implication to teaching:
Educators are viewed has having good moral behaviors. Parents and students put their trust in teachers to lead students in the right direction for education. It mentioned in this case that more teachers are starting to abuse this trust. Situations as such are tarnish the reputation of educators and it is making the job of teaching students harder and stricter. Is some cases teachers are afraid to even touch students in fear that something might be said, hints, the side hug.

Applicable quiz question:
True or False
___ Title IX states that all students are giving an equal opportunity to learn regardless of race or gender.

By: Danielle Gouch and Lindsey Little