Kandace Campbell & Megan Debo

Franklin v. Gwinnett County Public School
Argued: December 11, 1991
Decided: February 26, 1992

Background: Christine Franklin from N. Gwinnett High claimed a male coach at the school sexually harassed her and other females students while at school. She claimed he forced her into committing sexual acts with him. An investigation occurred but no measures were taken against the coach. The coach then resigned asking that the charges be dropped and to not have any more investigations take place against him. Franklin then filed charges against the school for what had been done to her and how it mentally affected her.

Decision: This case presents the question whether the implied right of action under Title IX of the Education Amendments supports a claim for monetary damages. This lead to the consurring judgment by Justice Scalia, The Chief Justice, and Justice Thomas; who concur with the judgement of the court which stated that due to
Title IX of the Education Amendments, no monetary damages will be awarded.

Quiz Question:
What does Title IX of the Education Amendments state?