Patrick Stieve
Briana Colier
David Feldhusen, Plaintiff and Appellant
Beach Public [[#|School]] District No. 3, a public corporation, Defendant and Appellee
Background: David Feldhusen is the [[#|teacher]] whom lost his job due to a contract breach in this case. Mr. Feldhusen failed to provide his principal with the data that proved he had advanced his education as required by his contract to have completed by a SPECIFIC date. Due to this failure to comply the plaintiff was not hired and replaced when his contract was not extended. Therefore he appealed the boards’ decision to not rehire him to the state level.
Rational: Once the decision was reviewed at the state level, they up held the local [[#|school]] boards’ decision. It was stated that because the board had specifically stated what Mr. Feldhusen was obligated to do while under contract and that he failed to do so. Thus gave the local board no choice but to not extend his contract by way of contract breach on his part.
Impact on Teaching: This case is important because it shows us the importance of following a contract and requirements of a contract. As future teachers we will be required to complete certain workshops and conferences and provide proof that we attended these conferences. It is our responsibility to do this and have this done by the due date. If we do not do what is required of us we breach our contract and run the risk of not having our contract renewed.
Quiz Question: T/F A teacher can be replaced at the end of his/her contract if he/she failed to provide the principal with required data by the date set place in his/her contract. (T)