257 Ga. 778 (1988)
364 S.E.2d 275
Supreme Court of Georgia.
Decided February 4, 1988.

Darrin Duggar, a student at Murray County School system, was thrown from the back of a pickup while delivery wrestling mats to another school system. Appellee Anthony Plavich, an employee of the Murray County School system, motioned for a summary judgment based on defense of sovereign immunity was granted.

Decision/ Rationale:

Government entity waives sovereign immunity if insurance coverage is obtained. If the policy does not cover a particular claim then sovereign immunity is not waived. The court found that the policy did not provide coverage for the claim that was filed, therefore there is no waiver of sovereign immunity.

There should be some kind of insurance policy that protects both the student and the school in the event of an accident occuring. If there is no insurance issued by the school, parents of the students should sign a waiver that says they will not attempt to sue the school in the event of an accident whether by the student or school or the accident itself.

Quiz Question:
What happens if there is no insurance policy and no waiver is in place?

Rebekah Watson
Danielle Gouch