Connick V. Myers
Supreme Court of the United States
Argued November 8, 1982 Decided April 20, 1983

Connick was an Assistant District Attorney in New Orleans overseeing the trying of criminal cases. Myers put in for a transfer for Connick to work in a different court system as a prosecutor. After expressing her desire to not transfer to her supervisors Connick then created a questionnaire to hand out to other Assistant District Attorneys concerning: office transfers policy, need for grievance committee in the office, office morale, and the level of confidence in their supervisors. She was fired under the grounds of insubordination for handing out the questionnaire and for not accepting her transfer.

Connick filed suit in the Federal District Court under the pretense that she was wrongfully fired for executing her freedom of speech. The court agreed in the favor and she was reinstated with back pay and on the conditions that her court fees would be paid along with damages. The court saw the questionnaire as the reason for termination not the transfer and that in terms of public concern that did not affect the operation of the District Attorney’s Office.

Impact on Teaching:
As teachers we have the right to express our opinions with questionnaires. If we feel that there are issues not being met we can poll our own colleagues to feel if we are not the only ones who feel this way. Those questionnaires can the basis for change when used as evidence for it when brought up to the school board. It does not interfere with school work or affect the outlook of the school it merely brings awareness to issues not being met.

Quiz Question:

Which case gives teachers the ability to poll colleagues and students?
Answer: Connick v. Myers

By. Mariah Kerlick
Danielle Gouch
Jennifer Carmack